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Need quick, routine maintenance but didn’t schedule an appointment? No worries! With our Express Service you can now get routine maintenance performed without scheduling an appointment. Some services offered as part of Express Service include:

  •           Oil change (conventional & synthetic)
  •           Tire rotation
  •           Engine & cabin air filter change
  •           Light bulb replacement
  •           Wiper blade replacement

Plus, while you are in, our express technicians will perform a complimentary multi-point inspection, tire pressure adjustment, tread depth check, top off fluids, and check battery health.

We employ factory trained technicians who know all the ins and outs of your Subaru, and have the ability to catch other maintenance issues. This will help keep your Subaru running healthier and avoid larger problems down the road.

We will never upsell you! Our service advisors are not paid by commission, so they have no incentive to sell you services you don’t need. They will even inform you of services that may not be necessary if brought up. We believe in providing a transparent experience, and our goal is to keep you on the road longer while saving money.

Speaking of saving money, reference this blog and save $5 on an oil change and tire rotation through Express Service! Let’s keep your adventure moving!


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