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What is a transparent sales process? It means that we are not going to get in the way of where you are going, because the journey is the most important part.

The automobile industry, especially dealers, have built a reputation over many years that many people automatically think “deception”. Car Salesmen never appear honest, because they are holding back on giving you a good deal or they are charging you extra fees that aren’t actually a real thing. These behaviors have given Car Salesmen a stereotype in the industry that leaves customers feeling apprehensive or even adversarial when attempting to purchase a new car.

We think this is terrible.

For many years, our family-owned business has strived to create relationships with customer and create a transparent sales process. The Spanglers believe in the community and our customers, and that is the precise reason why we get involved with the community through sponsorship opportunities and events. We have helped out awesome organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Humane Society of Cambria County, Bottle Works Arts on 3rdAvenue, extracurricular activities for students (specifically art and music), and so much more!

But we don’t want our relationship with the community and our customers to stop there. We are diligent in ensuring that your purchase cycle is completely honest and truthful. We walk you through the pricing, showing you how much we paid for the car and how much you will pay us. Our sales associates will explain every fee if you ask. Our finance team never adds additional percentage to your finance rate, if you choose to finance. Most importantly, our prices are competitive and they are mostly listed on our website, so you can compare with other Subaru dealers.  

We never want our customers to think that we are pushy or deceptive. Our sales associates will answer any question you ask, because we know that there is a world out there to explore, and we don’t want you to miss out on. After all, your next adventure is waiting!

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