Our facility care starts with our customers. We understand the anxiety that comes along with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as an essential service provider and one that wants to take care of your Subaru and you, we've implemented an uncompromising procedure to sanitize your Subaru when you are here for service, test drives, and when returning a loaner.

All employees in our facility are required to wear masks while working, and we ask that our customers also please wear masks when in our building. Our sanitizing doesn't stop there. Aside from the steps we have already implemented to keep our building clean, we are now crossing that over to your vehicle. 

You can watch the entire process on what happens when you drop off your Subaru for service:

Of course we start out by wiping down the interior's high touch points. This seems important and rather universal. However, we take it one step further by spraying and applying Transform Anti-Microbial disinfectant before we return the vehicle to you. Transform is an industrial-grade sanitizer that kills 100s of germs, including human coronavirus. It takes seconds to apply and the non-corrosive agent dries clear and clean in as little as ten minutes.

You get this complimentary cleaning with every service visit. We want to ensure that all of our customers have peace of mind when choosing us for your service needs. 
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