Make love last this summer and keep your Subaru ready for adventure!

The Subaru Make Love Last Summer Service Event is on now until July 31st. We know COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing has made us adventure enthusiasts rather restless.

Now that the PA Health Department has implemented rigorous contact tracing, risk mitigation, and has allowed the state to re-open with additional safety guidelines, there is no better time to enjoy nature than now. Our parks are opening back up, the water temperature is warmer, and the roads are clear and ready.

Keep your Subaru in top shape to take you where you want to go. We have exclusive coupons during the summer service event. Get an Express Service synthetic oil change and tire rotation for only $69.99. We can inspect your Subaru for a low price of only $21. Plus we’ll give your car a complimentary anti-microbial spray and car wash!

Please see our website for more details and additional coupons. We’ll keep your adventure moving!

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