Introducing the Hunter Alignment Quick Check Inspection, now at Spangler Subaru.

The Hunter System is designed for accuracy, efficiency, and removes the guesswork out of your Subaru’s suspension and tires. One drive through the Hunter System and several readouts are generated on the health of your Subaru.

Using 32 sensors, the system detects any and all alignment deficiencies in your Subaru. Driving with a Subaru out of alignment can be costly. The Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive is designed for perfect balance in all aspects of the vehicle, and a displaced alignment can decrease performance when you need it most.

Tire tread depth is also accurately read by the system. Each tire rib is measured by the sensors and uneven wear is detected instantly. No more misreads by technicians. Even tire wear is vital to your Subaru’s health, as an unbalanced system can be costly with fuel economy and early tire replacements.

Equipped with 8 high definition cameras, the Hunter System takes nearly 60 photographs of the exterior of your Subaru as it rolls into the service drive up. These are logged instantly and saved for future reference. Not only does this alert you to any bodywork issues, but it can also pinpoint where unexpected body damage occurred, if that damage took place while your Subaru was in our service center.

The best part of the Hunter Alignment Quick Check Inspection is that it is absolutely free to use for every service visit. Run your Subaru through the system upon arrival and your data is logged. There is no obligation to purchase any additional services, and we will never pressure you to do so.

Visit our Express Service Center and the service drive up to find and use the Hunter System.


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