This month we celebrate Subaru Loves to Care – supporting cancer patients at Conemaugh Hospital.

As some of you may recall, we deliver blankets to cancer patients being treated at Conemaugh Hospital annually. Last year those plans were slightly altered due to COVID-19. Of course, cancer patients are most vulnerable to viruses and other illnesses because their immune systems are compromised during treatment. Because of this, extra precautions were taken to ensure that we could still deliver blankets to those who need them. Subaru mailed blankets directly to patients to ensure safety. This year we plan on doing the same.

Despite the abundance and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, patients undergoing radiation and other therapies are unable to receive the vaccine, which leaves them at the same exact risk as before. It is important for us to observe these challenges and respond responsibly, after all we want to support beating cancer.

We are happy to participate once again in this endeavor, even if it is from a distance. We know that it’s not much, but when the challenge becomes too overwhelming, and the recovery seems hopeless, that somewhere a cancer patient is holding that blanket close and getting a brief reprieve from the battle he/she faces.

On another note, this month we continue to face challenges from the microchip shortage. Our inventory continues to deplete, and we are facing the most tumultuous month so far. The good news is that our July allocation has increased substantially – still far below normal – but enough to help us keep going. Reserve and order your new Subaru today to ensure that you get the car you want.