Build and order your new Subaru today!

Inventory shortages are hitting the industry hard right now due to microchip shortages globally. Not only is our lot affected, but just about every lot in the country is having difficulty keeping inventory in stock. We anticipate these shortages to continue for several months until up-stream production facilities can catch up. In the meantime, you can build and order your new Subaru today! Pick out the trim, features, and color you want – no paying for additional features or accessories you don’t want or need.

A little background on the microchip shortage:

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers were frantically purchasing consumer electronics in order to work from home and accomplish other occupational tasks remotely. These products are manufactured with many microchip processors, as you probably know. Additionally the launch of the new PlayStation 5 sent demand surging again – so much that there were many shortages of the new gaming system upon release. The microchip manufacturing facilities around the world were already working at full capacity, and a change in consumer demands has led to shortages as these plants are unable to keep up. To make matters worse, one large producer of the chips had a facility catch fire a couple of months ago – only exacerbating the current problem.

Automobiles also require a handful of microchips in order for the onboard computer systems to operate proficiently. While demand for chips is less for automobile manufacturers, we are still feeling the effects of limited supply. Over the next few months we will continue to have a small replenishment of Subaru inventory, but it will not satisfy local demand. We have also been selling some of our new inventory prior to its arrival. This means you will likely not have a chance to wait for a vehicle to come in before you commit to purchase.

While you shop online, you can build your own Subaru on Subaru’s website, and when you are ready our sales personnel will be more than happy to discuss pricing and place the order for you.

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