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The Psychology in Mad Max: Fury Road

What was it behind Mad Max: Fury Road that made it resonate so deeply in many people who watched the movie? Was it the incredible special effects culminating in several epic fight scenes? Was it that George Miller released this fourth installment 30 years after the original trilogy? Or was it the pronounced symbolism of the ruling patriarchy and the voice of the female fighting back in this Hobbesian dystopia?

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Recycle With Us!

For the month of April, and continuing until the end of the year, Subaru is teaming up with TerraCycle to recycle hard-to-recycle waste in our dealership. Subaru is working hard to do our part in preserving the earth, which is why we bring this opportunity to you.

In the early 2000s, Subaru developed the first zero-landfill manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Indiana. This was part of an initiative to bring sustainability in vehicle manufacturing processes that…

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Hearts Against Heroin and the Cambria County Drug Coalition

                In early February 2016, with a seemingly early spring creeping up over the horizon and waking up the sleepy residents of a small rustic, town, 20 individuals were rushed to the emergency room. Their injuries were all from a similar device, although this was not from a mill explosion, nor from a mine collapse, and not even from a rogue equipment truck. These patients were all treated for the same exact problem: overdose from heroin…

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How do potholes form?

Spring is almost here, and that means we look forward to the Pennsylvania truths: birds chirping, fisherman populating the rivers, endless rain storms, orange signs signaling impending road work, and our favorite- unabated crater-sized potholes. Some of these appear without any scientific explanation (like orange cones reducing traffic to one lane when literally nothing is being done to the other), while others have been studied and have a verifiable reason for their occurrence. In this…

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Why is the weather forecast never right?

This time last year I penned a blog detailing the amount of snowfall Johnstown receives yearly compared to other areas. In it, I gave a brief yet concise expository on the history of weather prediction. When I say brief, I mean about a Bachelor’s degree worth of information in two paragraphs. Nonetheless, lately I have heard numerous people comment on the efficacy of “the weatherman” and his predictions after temperatures ranged colder and snow…

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Favorite Fall Reads

I know the first day of winter is creeping behind the corner, but I did not have the chance to make a fall list yet, and it is absolutely imperative that I do. Why? Because I love Halloween! And the fall reads selection is full of horror, psychological obfuscation, and all of those things that will keep us up at night.


The Deep by Nick Cutter


This is an absolute must read for anyone who…

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I traded my Dodge Charger for a Subaru Crosstrek

I share a lot of similarities with my predecessor, to the point it may be slightly eerie. For starters, we both worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car early in our careers (and for only a whopping 5 months or so each), we share the same initials, we both hung around Johnstown when all of our friends were leaving (or at least tried to), and we even have a similar personality. I don’t mean that as a…

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Put a Little Love in Your Heart - Share the Love Event

Now is the season to Share the Love! For 10 consecutive years, Subaru has run the Share the Love event in December. Each year, Subaru partners up with four national organizations and a retailer chosen local nonprofit. For every new car sold, Subaru donates $250 to one of these charities based on the customer’s choice.

The national organizations this year are ASPCA, National Forest Foundation, Meals on Wheels, and Make-a-Wish. To remain equitable, Subaru guarantees…

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Subaru Loves Pets Trick or Treat

Spangler Subaru loves pets! And that is why this year we are sponsoring Pet Trick or Treat! We love our furry ones because they are family, and we want to enjoy the same qualities anyone normally would with a family member. That is why, in associated with PAWS House, we are putting together our first Pet Trick or Treat!

The trick or treating will take place on Sunday, October 29th from noon to 3…

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